Our Makers


Our makers focus on the design and manufacture of leather sofas. It’s brand owners have been engaged in furniture business for over 70 years in Milan, Italy. Italian engineers who lead the team have years of experience in home furnishing and professional manufacturing of sofas. Our makes adopts Italian production process and quality control system to produce the perfect sofa. In China they own a manufacturing base of 80000 square meters. Research and development for more than half a century makes every piece of sofa from our makes an art to treasure.


Our founders tap into their extensive years of experience in the furniture industry to steer the research and development process for our carefully curated furniture range. With a strong design, manufacturing, and retail background, we stay current with the latest trends and materials.


At the heart of our sofas are manufactured by and as a family-owned business lies a commitment to exceptional craftsmanship and uncompromising quality. Our makers take pride in adopting Italian production methods and stringent quality control systems, which ensure that each sofa we produce meets the highest standards. Our makers team of skilled Italian engineers, who possess extensive knowledge in home furnishing and sofa manufacturing, play an integral role in the creation of each piece.

Our makers unwavering dedication to research and development over the decades has not only elevated our production techniques but also transformed every piece of furniture we create into a cherished work of art. Each sofa reflects the perfect blend of functionality, comfort, and aesthetics, making it a valuable addition to any home.


At Loungely, we leverage our extensive design and manufacturing expertise to enhance our product ranges while utilising quality materials. Our passion for design drives us to constantly seek out new and exciting pieces of furniture to add to our carefully curated collection.


Ready to experience the comfort and style of Italian design? Our collection of sofas offers something for everyone with a range of colours, styles, and materials.